Radio helmets are improving the quality of lessons!

July 18, 2011 | Category: Uncategorized

With HEADZONE we are in control

Wind Riders is using now with all lesson the radio helmets. They have proven to be super useful for any lessons. It gives the option to confirm beginners that you are seeing them and you are close by. And on the other side when we are teaching advanced jumping lessons we can give a little advise with every jump and we see faster progression!

We can advise the student, suggest corrections and see  immediate results. Safety is increased as well. It is win-win communication. We don’t even have to raise our voice. What a difference from standing on the beach or boat shouting instructions. What we discovered is that the student feels more confident and you can avoid losing your cool. The students gain more from each lesson and there is less stress on the student when in action.

The day’s are getting warmer, but the surfers stays COOL!!

July 14, 2011 | Category: Uncategorized

The newest update about kitesurfing lake garda. High season is started and the temperature is getting higher, that will also mean that the water temperature is getting higher and that is a good thing! Now it’s possible to ride with just a boardshort or a shorty!  The last days we did a couple of really nice wakeboard sessions, because between the two winds (morning wind: Péler and afternoon wind: Ora) we have no wind, that means flat water, which is perfect for a proper wakeboard session! Wakeboarding is also good to practise your waterstart for kitesurfing, because it’s similar and you can get used to riding your board. So it will help you to make faster progression!!

The last weeks we as windriders team brought again a lot of new kitesurfers on the water, so what are you waiting for?!? Make your reservation and we will see you soon!!

Kiting for children and teenagers!

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It is July so the campings of Limone are full with families. And we are teaching kiting to more and more children. From the ages of 8 years old kids can do the test lesson. During this lesson they learn to control the kite and they make a bodysurf in the water. This is super fun! After the test lesson we can decided if they are ready to also learn to kitesurf on a board. We have wetsuits for children from 125 cm long. Also we have xxxs harrnesses, lifejackets, boards and kites. Lake Garda is a very safe place for them to learn kiting. A lot of free space and no obstacles. Are you 8 years or older? Come and join the ride with us!

Mika on KSP tour!

July 8, 2011 | Category: Uncategorized


KSP tour chance!

This winter it is going to happen, I’m going to compete in the KSP tour. It is a kitesurf wave event tour with tour stops in Mauritius, Peru and Cape Verde.

4 days ago I got an email from the organization with the good news that I will get a wildcard to compete. Together with 12 girls I’m invited to do the tour.

My mission is to have fun, kite some beautiful waves together with other girls and improve my wave riding.

There are some really good girls on the tour like Kirsty Jones. So it will be very inspiring to see them riding and to ride with them.

Since I’ll be competing in the kitesurf pro tour I will try to become a part time pro. With being a “pro” of course I need a blog to update my fans (family and friends). This blog will be online soon on

So follow me on this blog to see if I make it to become a part time pro 🙂


Mika KSP tour practice