Be safe, use a GO-JOE. Now special start of the season offer!

February 19, 2011 | Category: Uncategorized

Go-joe, the safe board recovery tool!

Using a board leash is very dangerous. Your board can go underwater, build up a lot of resistance and shoot back at you.

But loosing your board is no fun and very expensive. Specially now with the start of the kite season the water is cold and it’s great to minimize your upwind bodydrag time.

The GO-JOE works like this:

– it turn your board upside up, this way you can spot it easily.

– the GO-JOE works as a little sail, the wind blows against it and brings it downwind to you!

To promote safety we are now selling the GO-JOE for 50 euro. (15 euro’s below the normal selling price)

Have a safe ride!

Windrider No.3 is on the way

February 9, 2011 | Category: Uncategorized

Next season we will have a new boat in the family.

There is Wind Rider # 1, the little RIB with only 25 Hp. This boat will be used as a back-up or for private lessons/ coaching or VIP lift service.

There is Wind Rider # 2, this medium sized Rib with 50 Hp will be used for lessons or lifts.

And then there will be Wind Rider # 3, just as blue, just as pretty as the other boats. Only he will beat them all with his 70 Hp engine en lots of space!

He will bring students or lifters super fast and comfortable to the best wind spots on the lake.