14 August Opening party of Wind Riders!!!!!

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Friday the 14th we are going to officially open our school. You are all invited!

The party is at the Cherengito Beach bar. You’ll find this beachbar on the beach between camping Nanzel and hotel Leonardo Davinci.

We hope to welcome many other kiteschools and kitesurfers from Lake Garda!

The drinks and snacks are ready at 9 pm.

See ya!

Board gone, board back:) grazie x kite!

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Today we were blessed with a lot of North wind. And with a lot I mean a lot! The whole lake was full of wind. Our students were riding with 7 and 6 meters! But the wind was nice and stabile. At the end of the session I got the “oeps I lost my board sign” from Martijn. Martijn was riding undersupervision so we came to help him. But the board was nowhere to be found. After the lesson I  kept looking for it for 2 hours. No luck. But than a kite chick from Xkite called me to tell me she found my board. Thanks to the phone number on the board she could get in touch with us:)

At 2 o’clock the north wind finished and we got a weak south wind. Hopefully more tomorrow.

Double action; morning and afternoon sessions!

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This week the wind is like it should be every single week; good wind in the morning and good wind in the afternoon! At 7 am the wind is already strong enough to go out, and also this morning two guys were waiting to go with us on the water. Willy with his own North kite, and Tom who continued his test lesson. First we dropped Willy, who couldn’t wait to go out and try his new kite. Unfortunately the bar was a shitty second hand bar, and it wasn’t easy to work with. Afterwards Mika repaired it, and hopefully it will work now. Nevertheless Willy had a good session riding downwind on the beautiful Lake Garda with a nice morning sun.
Tom went into the water for the first time and he did so well! The steering was no problem for him at all and he controlled the kite perfectly. After 2 hours his energy was gone, and also the wind got less so we decided to go back and have a long lunch break.

At 1 pm our new students arrived, Stefan and Toni. It was the second lesson for both of them and they tried to manage the upwind bodydragging with and without board. The wind was really consistent and stabile, so it was an easy exercise and after half an hour they were both ready to practice the waterstart. Keep your body small and stand above your board!!! After yelling that order for 5 times they both made a great waterstart and after crashing a couple of times they made lots of meters standing on their board. Stefan was happy and also really exhausted, and Toni was full of adrenaline and didn’t stop smiling!

The wind was only getting stronger so after Mika dropped us at the harbor, she went out again together with Sergio. The moment I’m writing this they’re still on the water, but I’m sure they’ll enjoy J

What do we do on our afternoon off? We kitesurf!!

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 A few days ago me and Mae had a great session. The south wind was nice, a stable 4 bft and the water was warm.  As an instructor, the best thing to do when you have free time is get out on the water and kitesurf yourself! Check out a photo of us riding here at Lake Garda!

Kitesurf on Lake Garda with Windriders

Kitesurfing on Lake Garda with Windriders

Check out all new pic’s on picasa

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Check www.picasaweb.google.nl/info.windriders for lots of pictures of our new students! Let us know if you would like to try all this as well, and get hooked on kitesurfing!

good wind for our students

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11. July

This weekend 2 friends from Holland arrived, while we were having a great party at the sailingbar. It was the last evening for Joy and Anna and the first for Wilmer and Jesse, and we had a great time together dancing on the afro beats till late. Wilmer made an amazing website for us and as a thanks he gets kitesurflessons for a week!

The next day Wilmer and Jesse had their first lesson, and the wind was really perfect. Also Sergio came by to check if kitesurfing would be something he wanted to try, and there was no doubt he wanted to go with us on the water that afternoon! So after a quick theorylesson, everybody changed his boardshort for a wetsuit and once everything was in the boot, we were ready to rock & roll.

Also Sibi joined us this day, and went kitesurfing the entire afternoon for the first time on lake Garda. He really enjoyed it, and as you can see on the pictures he made some beautiful backrolls!

First Wilmer, our VIP for this week, and Jesse jumped into the water to practise the bodydragging. The only noise we heard besides the wind was Jesse shouting and laughing while Wilmer did the downwind bodydragging. They had so much fun and they did great! Also Sergio jumped into the water with an 11,5m Kahoona to practise the bodydragging and we were amazed how well they all did! After a couple of kilometers going downwind (yes, that´s so great about lake Garda, soooo much space!) the guys got some instructions how to go upwind again. That was a bit more difficult because of your arm which has to be in the right direction and the kite you have to control with one hand. But again they all did great and most of the them found the buoy we dropped in the water which they had to reach by going upwind.

As I said before, the circumstances were perfect, so we were on the water for 3 hours. The last half an hour Mika and Sibi impressed us with their nice jumps, powerfull backrolls, and ass kicking railies. Check the pictures on picasa!

Hopefully tomorrow will be another perfect day, so the guys can go on with upwind bodydragging with a board and practising the waterstart!