2 days of lessons and kitesurfing upwind!

April 26, 2013 | Category: Student blogs

Written by Marco:

Today, in just two days of private lessons with Windriders (I’ve never been kiting before), I was perfectly able to kite in both directions! We flow the kite at point A and landed it at point B. Thanks to radio helmets I was always in contact with Wiwi, who was thus able to correct my mistakes while I was kiting.

The session lasted around two hours, as long as the wind was blowing.

I was expecting to learn fast as I chosed to apply for private lessons but I wasn’t expecting at all such a fast learning.


Below you see the track of what he kited. He started on the upwind border. But a some tacks and ended up downwind in front of Capo Reamol. The boat brought him back and there he went again. The next time infront of hotel Capo Reamol the wind stops and we drove back to the center.

track of kitesurf lesson with wind Riders


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